The Black Keys

Joel and Art dig through their music collections and recommend great albums that are reminiscent of The Black Keys. Hand-picking records similar in sound or influence that you may not be as familiar with. Helping you discover new music.

Recommended Albums

  • A Touch of Some One Else's Class  | Black Diamond Heavies
  • A Ass Pocket of Whiskey | R.L. Burnside
  • Something's Wrong/ Lost Forever | Scott H. Biram
  • Electric Slave | Black Joe Lewis
  • Cracks and Lines | Egypt
  • Can't Talk Medicine | Pickwick
  • Radio Moscow | Radio Moscow
  • Mojo Thunder EP | The Peach Kings

Your turn. Help us discover some new music. What great albums in your collection would you recommend that match the vibe of The Black Keys? Leave a comment in this post and let us know.


  • Wood Chipper | Fargo Brewing Company
  • Blissful Ignorance | Lupulin Brewing Company

Record Collecting

The guys hooked up in Minneapolis to celebrate Art's 40th Birthday and share a few of the albums they picked up while there.


Joel Sherfinski